How can I get my papers and certificates from the university?
Dear alumni, you can get any officials paper, including your certificate by it electronically on your own account on the university’s portal “Ritaj”. Visit our Registration and Admission Office at the university campus to get your papers after their issuance. You also have the option to authorize a relative or a friend to receive them. 
For more information, please call Telefax: 00 970 (or 972) (2) 2982065 Ext: 5086/5087.
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How can I get letters of recommendation from the university?
Dear alumni, you can request letters of recommendation directly through Ritaj. Choose the icon "Request a letter of recommendation." Click on the name professor that you want to get the recommendation letter from. By choosing the name of the professor, a direct message will be sent to them requesting the recommendation letter. For any special requirements, please detail it in your request. Follow the stages of preparing the recommendation letter on Ritaj to know when you can receive it. 
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What programs does the university offer for graduate studies?
Birzeit University offers 32 different master programs and one doctoral program in social sciences
You can get all the information by visiting the below links:
For Master studies 
For PhD study

How can I volunteer at Birzeit University?
Dear Alumni, Birzeit University offers several opportunities to volunteer and contribute to the delivery of the University's mission, by participating in an activity with a graduate as well as by writing cultural and scientific articles to the university and participate in the activities of the Alumni relations unit.
For details, please send an email to alumni@birzeit.edu 

How do we communicate with the Alumni Relations Unit?

You can contact the Alumni Relations Unit directly by sending an e-mail to alumni@birzeit.edu 
Or call: 00970(or 972) (2) 2982065 Ext: 2813.

How can I contact with my alumni friends?
Dear alumni, you can contact each other by registering on the website via the following link:
And then look for the name of the friend you want to re-connect with (if we can work on it in the current period we will list it)
Can we launch chapters for Friends and Alumni of Birzeit University in the country we live in?
Birzeit University welcomes its alumni wherever they are, and in order to launch a chapter where you are, please send an e-mail to: alumni@birzeit.edu 

To find out about the current chapter places and understand more about creating new ones.

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