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WE are part of YOUR STORY and YOU are part of OUR TALE


What is it for you?

In the past nine decades, we have proudly graduated over 40 thousand graduates, who have become our ambassadors all around the world. Because Birzeit University brings us all together, because you are part of the university’s past, present and future. We seek to be always connected, we want to be part of your story and you be part of our tale.

To help us staying connected, please update your information. 

To request your officail papers please contact us here to help you with the process 

Stay in touch and well connected with all alumni around the world


Enhance your Career and skills, also find more about job oppurtunities.


Share Your Story

Lets cross paths and explore our stories together

Give BZU

Alumni Giving Program

An opportunity for university alumni to be part of solidarity and contribute to the support of the scholarship program for need-based scholarships, merit-based scholarships, scholarships to people with disabilities, and other types of scholarships.

Alumni Fingerprint

Start your career by giving and contributing to providing scholarships for your colleagues at the university to sustain support and empower students.

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and have great academic merit

Supporting the endowed scholarship program is our main priority, since it supports the scholarship program as well as Birzeit University's budget and sustainability. 

Unrestricted giving is an essential resource that helps the University to respond to the urging priorities and maintain its status as the most-competitive and most-reputable Palestinian institution of higher education

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