Initiating Friends and Alumni of Birzeit University

Birzeit University strives to communicate with all its graduates worldwide, and find ways to
work together to promote the mission and aspirations of the university. Furthermore, the
university seeks to open the doors to all its friends and supporters who aspire to become
active members in promoting the future of the university.

Terms of Reference:

  1. Friends and Alumni of Birzeit University country chapters aim to build solid networks between the university, and its alumni and friends, by holding various cultural, social and professional activities.
  2. The chapters are directly affiliated with the university. The Office of the Vice President for Advancement is the official administrator and coordinator of this relationship.
  3. The chapters will come up with a plan for organizing regular activities for their friends and alumni. Each activity should work in line with the regulations and standards of the Alumni Engagement Program at the Office of Vice President for Advancement.
  4. The chapters will come up with their regulatory standards in line the regulations of Birzeit University and the country they exist in.
  5. Each chapter shall develop its administrative mechanisms and plans of activities in accordance with the laws and regulations in their countries in order to achieve the objectives agreed in this paper.
  6. All Chapter members shall abide the relevant basic laws and principles imposed by their respective countries, in accordance with Birzeit University objectives. 

Chapters Objectives:

  1. Working as a network that brings together all those who are interested in cooperation on projects, support and promote Birzeit University in the chapters’ respective countries. 
  2.  Implementing various cultural, scientific and social activities and events that bring together the university’s alumni to strengthen their relations and create a space for interaction and communication between them and the university.

Events and Activities:

The chapters will come up with an annual plan of activities, in cooperation with the Alumni
Engagement Program, focusing on the following:

  • An annual reunion for the alumni and friends of Birzeit University.
  • Establishing cultural and professional activities for mutual interaction between the alumni and friends of the university.
  • Establishing social and cultural hubs in different countries, as common spaces for interaction, in order to reach out the largest number of alumni and friends.

For continuous communication and to staying in contact, with Birzeit University, through:

  1. Building a section on the alumni website, specialized for publishing the news, events, stories of the university’s friends and alumni. This will strengthen the opportunity of interaction between chapters. 
  2. Send out a monthly newsletter for all chapters, where different chapters can participate in preparing the material to guarantee active participation and cooperation between the university and the chapters.
  3. Facilitate access to current, meaningful information about the university chapters, offering direct contact with the Alumni Relations Unit.